About Amy

Amy RogellAmy Rogell began her career at the age of five in musical theater. From that moment on she never stopped singing, acting and dancing. Growing up,her summers were spent performing in community theater.

In her twenties, Amy studied voice with Opera coach, Therman Bailey in New York City. She attended Ithaca College's music program and began to compose songs. After college she sang in several rock bands. Amy earned her Master's degree in education and counseling from Fairfield University. .

When Amy became a mother she began composing and performing children's music. She has numerous credits in film, theater, television and radio. Amy is well known for her children's CD series in which she wrote, performed and produced. .Amy has performed the audio narration and songs for several children's books.

Commitment to education, children and movement continues to advance Amy's career. She performs children's concerts throughout the tri-state area and teaches workshops on creative movement and innovative music.